Join our running tours and explore the city with a local expert!

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Running tours and with a local expert

Do you like running when you’re out traveling? We think there is no better way to explore a city then by foot and joining our running tour makes you cover more than just walking. Not only is it a good way of seeing a lot of the sights and get a good understanding of how the city is laid out it’s also environmentally friendly and good for your health.

Our running tours are the perfect way to explore the cities in a new and refreshing way. On our run we will cover most parts of the city centre and it will give you a great insight in how the city is laid out and how the different neighbourhoods are connected. This is perfect if you want to continue exploring the city on your own afterwards.

During our running tour we’ll cover various topics that go hand in hand with the places we’ll visit and because we’re a small group (maximum 8 people) it’s easy to ask questions and the guide will do their best to help where possible with recommendations and tips to ensure you’re having a great time while visiting.

At some attractions we will do a full stop for your guide to give you some information as well as having time to take some photos. The tour guide will also point out additional sights etc. during the run between the stops.

Our running tours are aimed for everyone who likes running so we will keep the same speed as the slowest runner in the group.  

Join our running tours and explore with us!

Groups and business tours

LocalRunGuide can help you to put together a unique experience for your group or company. There’s nothing better than a morning run before the rest of the day starts. These tours can be custom made and tailored to your needs to please send a short email and we will help you with all the arrangements.